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Brooklyn Brand Session | Rachel Grim

There’s something about having an intellectual conversation with my subjects before their photoshoot. Rachel and I’s conversation didn’t disappoint. We chatted about our beliefs and ourselves, as well as our brands; and connected on a personal level before she ever stepped in front of my lens.

We were already acquainted before Rachel’s shoot, but the time we spent together truly developed our relationship into a true friendship. We understand one another and believe in each other’s dreams.



Rachel Grim, (a fashion blogger, influencer and fempreneur,) and I collaborated on a brand session in Brooklyn for my new website. Click here to see more!



I was scoping the location while waiting for Rachel to finish getting ready and realized the neighborhood we chose for her shoot just happened to be the exact neighborhood that I grew up in. My elementary school was literally five minutes away. Isn’t that ironic?

The look I was going for was bohemian chic, and I was so pumped when Rachel showed me the outfits she had picked out for the shoot… she nailed my vision, and was able to add some things of her own to truly make it unique.
We had so much fun playing dress-up and walking around the neighborhood looking for areas that stood out to us. We spent the evening chasing light and let it lead us to new places.

Rachel is a fashion blogger, influencer, and fempreneur that finds purpose in empowering women in business. She is a small-town girl turned New York City dweller and has a heartbeat for female empowerment.

Rachel feels her brand A Grim Sense of Style speaks to her readers & helps them FEEL her best while LOOKING her best, and through this mentality is EMPOWERED TO BE HER BEST! 

She believes that keeping her brand open to every woman by sharing her vulnerability, and real-life experiences help to show every woman that it is NEVER too late to dream BIG. At her core, she believes that every woman deserves to feel worthy & empowered to follow their dreams. Rachel knows that what lies beneath every successful woman is a confident wardrobe, a positive mindset, a strong sense of self-worth, and a like-minded support system. 
You are a phenomenal woman, Rachel!
She uplifts, supports and pushes other women to believe in themselves. When she decided to curate her blog Ditch the Clique, she had every women’s best interest at heart. It’s rare to befriend someone as genuine and wonderful as Rachel. I am humbled and thankful that this particular photoshoot helped us learn more about one another. We have more in common than either of us knew. Hence witnessing all her accomplishments, and growth will be amazing!


Ditch The Clique and embrace YOUR authentic self. You are beautiful, you are powerful, you are worthy, and You matter.





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– Liz

  1. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for this post and for shooting with me Liz! It means the world and I am SO beyond happy with the photos! So excited to be on this creative journey together!

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