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Inspiration During the Slow Season: 3 Ways I Stay Inspired

Hey Guys … It’s definitely been awhile since I’ve updated my blog. With everything that has been happening around the world with the Pandemic, I’ve lost track of the days. To be honest I haven’t been feeling any inspiration or motivation lately.

Luckily about two days ago I slowly felt it coming back. It felt like a new wave flowing through me. If you’ve ever read the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert she explains when inspiration comes to you DON’T ignore it, or else it will find a new home. I let that thought settle in & I knew it was about time to start creating again.


” Let inspiration lead you wherever it wants. For most of history people just made things, and they didn’t make such a big freaking deal out of it ” – Elizabeth Gilbert


I’m going to share 3 things that have kept my inspiration flowing & fed my soul.


1) I watch online trainings 🙂

The first one was led by the CEO of Boss Babe Inc. Natalie Ellis ” The Blueprint to 10,000 IDEAL clients as followers in 30 days “. I have 5 pages of notes guys ! It was an awesome training, packed with an excessive amount of knowledge. I watched the live training for the KBB method by Dean Graziosi & Tony Robbins. What I LOVED about each of these trainings was the fact that neither of these entrepreneurs hid their stories. They kept it real ya’ll. They let us know that we are NOT alone. Growing your own brand takes time, energy, knowledge, and perseverance.

I am currently watching ” A mindset Class for SOULCIAL Media Content Creators ” By the Content Creator Officially Quigley. I will keep you posted about this one. It’s amazing so far & I love how she keeps your brain growing & your inspiration flowing.


” Un-package Your Super Power “


2) In my own little corner, In my own little chair 🙂

My art room is my little indoor sanctuary. I have my paintings, photos, and prayers hung around the room on the walls. Art projects from my print making class I took in college at the entrance of the room, it’s the first thing you see. I moved my desk in front of my window and I always buy a fresh bouquet of flowers to put on my desk or next to me with one of  my plants. I love the smell of flowers, and plants. They are SO good for you to have around mentally & physically. When I sit at my desk or on the floor I start journaling or sketching. Art has always played a HUGE part in my ideas for photos so it helps me to be surrounded by it. Music calms me so I have my records playing or my spotify playlist.

Anything that feeds your soul is always important to keep around you.


3) Daily Convo’s with my Mentor <3

My mentor Jessica Vickers has become one of my greatest blessings. She came into my life when I didn’t know I needed her. Throughout the past few months since I started my mentorship with her, she has come to know me like the back of her hand. It’s cray cray how fast she learned me & that’s just through video calls lol. Since then we have built a beautiful friendship that means SO much to me. I didn’t know it at the time that she would become that person I needed to help steer me in the right direction. She helped me believe in myself, she has taught me SO much spanning from our first call to my launch date. I’m still learning from her & the BEST gift she has given me is God. She helped me rebuild my relationship with him. It is so rare to find a genuine, compassionate soul with a heart as beautiful & caring as hers. I always look forward to our chats & video calls ( we ALWAYS go over the time lol ) but the topics of the conversations come so easy to us.


It’s important to have THAT one person to keep pushing you forward. Maybe you have a handful of them & that’s beautiful. Never lose them because they will always keep you going. I know mine do 🙂


” You come from infinite possibilities and incredible odds. Beautiful Soul, don’t ever forget that you are here for a reason. ” – Nikki Banas | Walk the Earth 




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