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Jai & Dees Family Photo Shoot

Have you ever had the perfect idea for a small family photoshoot, but then you realize the props you actually want to use are bit out of your price range? … I’m right there with ya, it’s a struggle, but we make it work somehow.

The day of Jai & Dees family photoshoot, I rented a building on Snug Harbor Botanical Gardens. I’ve done a few photo shoots here and I loved the amount of windows in the rooms because of the natural lighting ( it’s my fav ). I wanted to make it feel like we were outside somehow. It wasn’t really working out the way I had hoped. Each vine cost about $25.00 each so I had to rethink my plan which led me to the much smaller vines and flowers that I was currently hanging on the wall.



I had so much fun shooting Jai & Dee's Staten Island Indoor family session. Click here for inspo! | © Elizabeth Malave Photography


I was showing Jai around the building, when we came across a DIY wooden frame with fake vines stapled to the top of it flowing down . All I can say was God is good ! We hosted it over the staircase & after a few minutes of getting it up and into the room , we were officially set up and ready to begin.

During the photo shoot , I had music playing in the background to keep the groove going . Though I don’t think I needed it when I had an adorable 3 year old running around . Needless to say it was so fun shooting their cute little family . Their love shown so bright through each and every photo . You can’t tell that DJ was actually counting from 1-10 through all of his shots . It was the only way I was able to capture the amount of pictures I did.


 “I’m tired of their stories , let’s write our own” 

You can see the love that Jai carries for her family . Her eyes tell it all . Whether it’s laying with her love , hugging her baby boy , or embracing her growing belly . Her love knows no bounds & it’s a beautiful thing to witness .

Thank you for creating magic with me 🙂



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