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What Not to Wear to Photoshoots

As I sit here in a cute cafe tucked away in Orlando, I’m wondering what to write. I know writers block is real but man ! Let me just say I had an idea but as soon as I sat down to begin writing I started to second guess if that should be the next blog. I was going to tell y’all  about what to wear for your sessions, but how many blogs are out there that are talking about this exact topic.  Im here to tell you what NOT to wear. Let’s get started !

Each season brings it own beauty and characteristics. Winter is depressing but I think we just don’t appreciate the beauty of the quietness that surrounds us. Fall hands down is pumpkin spice and everything nice. Spring is full of new growth and blooming flowers. Summer is fun in the sun and ice pops.

Who would’ve thought that for each season comes different pallettes of colors. I know I DIDN’T, until I started diving deep into starting a business. Through this new information I learned, I began to understand that certain colors work better in other seasons, and the same goes for outfits. I mean you wouldn’t show up to a holiday session for Christmas in shorts and flip flops lol I mean totally okay if that’s your style 🙂

First things first, do not wear anything that you do not feel confident in. This will only make it harder to love the shots that are captured. Get as comfortable as you can because depending on the session there will movement;

Sitting, running, bending, jumping, climbing, etc. 

Do not wear anything too tight that can restrict you from doing any of these actions listed above, it’ll take the fun out of the session ( in my opinion ). Do not leave your house without a change of shoes. You’ll know the location beforehand & sometimes the cute shoes that tie our outfit together isn’t compatible with the terrain or space ( depending if it’s indoor vs outdoor ).

I love sending my clients comfy cozy ideas, and the color palettes that go with that season for instance. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher what is and isn’t a good idea for different looks. For example, if you’re second guessing your outfit, then that’s probably not the outfit for you. In conclusion, choose comfortability. Trust me there are so many bomb outfits you can throw together, and still feel confident and comfy on your adventure <3


Below are some examples from previous sessions I’ve shot. My clients are in comfy, flowy, form fitting yet complimentary outfits. They’re still able to move and be themselves. Movement in the photos helps to bring to life the shot and tell a story.


  1. Brittany says:

    Love this!!! Flowy dresses and fabrics are my fave in photoshoots and make me feel comfy and confident and free to move around and have fun!! Love your approach on this! 🤍

  2. Brittany says:

    Love your take on this so much! My favorite thing to wear to photo shoots are flow he dresses and Slowey fabrics because I feel comfy confident and have the freedom to move around and have fun!! Love all the shoots that we did here 😍

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